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Grade 4 to 7 Tell Them From Me Survey

Each year, students in Grades 4-7 are asked to complete an anonymous survey about school climate and programming.  This year, the survey will be completed during the week of April 7-11.  Students can access the survey by clicking on the link below:


Students must have a username and password, which can be obtained from their teachers.  Students will be given class time to complete the survey during the course of the week.  We appreciate all the feedback our students provide to us about life at BCS, and look forward to this year's results.

BCS Bus Lane and Student Drop-off's by parents

We are asking for parental cooperation in ensuring that students get to school in a safe manner by respecting the 8:00 to 9:00 restriction on the school's bus lane each day.  BCS has more than 25 busses that arrive each morning between 8:20 and 9:00 every day.  These busses often service multiple schools, both in Battleford and North Battleford, and run on a tight schedule as a result.

Parents are reminded that this lane is for busses only between 8:00 and 9:00, and again from 3:00 to 4:00 after school.  Parents are encouraged to drop children off on 2nd Avenue West, next to the Tot Lot, or on 23rd Street, by the parking area between the playground and the Court House.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in ensuring that all students attending BCS get to and from school safely each day.

Grade 6 & 7 Math Facts Assessments

Over the month of December, all Grade 6 and 7 students were given an assessment on their multiplication facts.  This assessment was based on instantaneous response to a series of flashcards with multiplication facts from 0x0 to 10x10.  This works out to 66 questions, including duplications (6x9 and 9x6 as an example).  Learning the multiplication table up to 10x10 is a Grade 4 concept (N4.3 Demonstrate an understanding of multiplication of whole numbers, limited to numbers less than or equal to 10), and is a key skill for success in math now and the future.

Each student was provided an individualized result sheet, outlining their strengths and areas of needed work.  Summaries of this information were generated for classroom teachers, and as an entire grade level.

To see the Overall Grade 6 results, click here.  For our year-end target, click here.

To see the Overall Grade 7 results, click here.  For our year-end target, click here.

Key to learning Math in coming years/grades is rote knowledge of the multiplication facts.  As students progress from grade to grade, they will encounter greater degrees of difficulty in problem-solving, and they must focus their attention on what needs to be done, not basic facts.  An example of this would be:

Grade 6 -             238 – (2 x 73) =                  OR

Mr. Lefevre bought 2 boxes of fruit bars for his 3 children.  Each box has 6 fruit bars.  The children shared the fruit bars equally.  How many fruit bars did each child get?  Write an expression to show the order of operations you used.

Grade 7 -             23 x 6(3 + 12 x 2)               OR
                                    3 – 1

If John can mow 4.5 lawns each day and his partner Wendy can mow 5.5 lawns each day, how many lawns can they complete if they work 3.75 days per week and work a total of 7.25 weeks?

As you can see, the level of complexity grows significantly, even from one grade to another.  Errors are likely to occur in new material, but a lack of basic math fact knowledge compounds the problem-solving issue:  is the mistake a procedural one (wrong order of operations, or wrong operation), or a computational one (did the multiplication, division, adding or subtracting wrong)?

Our goal at BCS is to ensure that all students have these facts down cold by the time they leave Grade 7 this year.  Teachers at Grades 3 through 7 are working hard to ensure that all students have their basic facts learned long-term, not memorized (and forgotten after a test or assignment).

You can help with this:  once a week, have your child answer random multiplication facts to help them keep sharp.  Even 4 or 5 facts a week will help them move this learning from new to long-term over the course of a year, ensuring that they are well prepared for their futures.  You can find printable (free) flashcards here.  Math is a required subject for all students in Saskatchewan to graduate high school, and our goal is to help ensure that every child at BCS goes on to graduation.

New Bell Times

As the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education works to improve learning for our students, schools have been asked to ensure that every student received a total of 950 hours of instructional contact time with teachers.  This means that BCS had to add a total of 17 minutes to the school day, and this in turn means that our bell times have changed.  Below is the list of new times that bells ring for student breaks, recesses and end of school:

Warning Bell - 8:50
Classes Start - 8:55

Recess - 10:15 to 10:30

Lunch Bell - 11:45
Lunch Recess - 12:05
Warning Bell - 12:30
Classes Start - 12:35

Recess - 2:05 to 2:20

Classes End - 3:27

Please note the change in morning start time (5 minutes earlier), and the shorter noon hour (10 minutes shorter).  Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that your children are at school on time each day!

Attendance Practice

As we implement our new school data system (SchoolLogic), teachers are actively recording classroom attendance each morning by 9:00 and afternoon by 1:00.  Students who are late to school, for whatever reason, are asked to stop at the Office before going to class to pick up an "Admit Slip", which will tell their teacher that the student's attendance has been updated.

As well, if your child is going to be absent from school, please contact the school at (306) 937-2112 as soon as possible.  The Office staff will ask you for a reason for the absence, as we must record why students are not in school as part of the new data system.  We would like to thank you for your cooperation and assistance in ensuring that all students are accounted for each and every day, and that we provide accurate information to teachers for report cards each term.

Online Calendar

We are continuing to use the online calendar to share events.  Please check regularly as we update this frequently.  A paper copy of the calendar is also attached to the back of the monthly newsletter should you require one.  Our newsletters are sent home with the youngest child in each family.  As well, newsletters are also posted on our site on the Newsletters page (see the link on the left menu).


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